Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy Football has begun!!!

However for me my team got demolished! not only did i lose tremendously i had the lowest point total in the whole league. Now, I am a HUGE fantasy buff i look forward to it all spring and summer, buying magazines, reading blogs, checkin espn.com. i was even happy with my team that i drafted but man did they not perform well at all. But to be honest this opening week in the NFL was quite intriguing. The colts lost to the bears, the panthers beat the chargers, tom brady gets hurt, the falcons destroy with a rookie qb! It looks like its one of those years where nobody can predict whats gonna happen in the NFL but man i am sure glad its back and am ready for the wild ride ahead....


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three day weekend!!!! 
It is nice to  have a long weekend after my first two weeks of classes with a new degree.  I have a feeling that Broadcasting is going to be a little bit more difficult and is going to be a challenge!  I am very excited though!  Hopefully all turns out well... and editing gets a lilttle easier.  :) 

Monday, August 25, 2008

The last year of college...

well... thats the plan at least, who knows with the difficulty of these upper division classes it may take me a little longer. However, I hope to take this year in stride and give it my all and graduate with a bachelor's degree then the real world begins. It's nerve wracking actually, thinking about life without school?? I actually can't fathom it, all I've known since the age of 4 is homework, tests, quizzes, etc etc. And in less than a year that will all be gone and instead it will be taken over by meetings, presentations and whatever it is real world people do. One of my biggest fears in life was to not have a job after college and it is still a fear in the back of my mind. All I can do is my best in school and network with all the different activities I am involved in and then live one day at a time from there. I will miss college dearly but hey i still got a year and I am definitely gonna LIVE IT UP!